November 26, 2023

Where’s Mickey???

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In the field of art, where creativity goes hand in hand with frustration, the journey is often marked by ups and downs. After my exhibition at the wineBANK, Trier, I should experience this once again.

After the IKONEN exhibition, my original artworks, including the canvas titled “MICKEY & FRIENDS”, found a temporary exhibition at “VOSS – Furniture and Home Accessories” in the same city. Under a commission agreement with the shop owner, I thought my works were in safe hands, as the entrepreneur generally dealt in high-quality and high-priced furniture and accessories.

But as it happens, I should be wrong:

During the spring, the store owner struggled with another business, which ultimately led to both businesses closing.
So I had to pick up my works because the sales rooms had been abandoned. After picking up my canvases, I noticed that MICKEY & FRIENDS was missing. The entrepreneur assured me that he would look into the situation and find a solution.

Two months passed in patient anticipation, only to be confronted with a very unsatisfactory result. The entrepreneur’s proposed solution (which wasn’t a solution) was downright ridiculous – his succinct statement: I should be grateful for the free showroom and he couldn’t do anything for me here. Compensation was not an option for him.
This is despite the clear terms of our commission agreement, in which a 40% commission on sales was agreed. By the way, a picture was sold and the corresponding commission was retained by the entrepreneur. So much for the free showroom.

Ultimately, he abruptly broke off communication and essentially told me to f#*k off and he couldn’t and didn’t want to talk to me about it any further. Of course I didn’t receive any compensation.

Even though the loss of “MICKEY & FRIENDS” hurts, I’m glad it was just one piece and not a major disaster. But the bitter taste remains and leaves me with a new awareness of the unpredictability of relying on your gut feeling without solid contracts.

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