This painting is a portrayal of Pippi Longstocking, a character who, in my childhood, was portrayed by the talented actress Inger Nilsson and unequivocally stood as one of my earliest icons. Pippi, with her rebellious spirit, strength, and creativity, resonated with me deeply. Much like her, my desire was to embrace an eternal sense of childhood, with creativity serving as the guiding force in my life. Astrid Lindgren created an icon of unparalleled significance, and Inger embodied this character with an authenticity that left an indelible mark. Pippi´s influence extended beyond my own childhood; it continues to captivate the imagination of my daughter today. This portrait seeks to capture the essence of a timeless character and the enduring impact of childhood inspiration.

technique | material

mixed media on stretched canvas, acrylic paint, spraypaint, printing techniques, stencil


80 x 100 cm