The SEA HUNTER is the result of the artistic collaboration between myself and the late, great Ralph Ferres, a luminary in the world of comic art and my greatest source of inspiration. This collectible represents the first of two collaborative projects and is the output of our shared passion for bringing fantastical creatures to life through art. Ralph handed me a pencil sketch of a dragon. I then expanded the sketch a little and depicted the dragon as an underwater hunter in my illustration. The illustration attracted interest from US-based Patch Together. They recognized the unique appeal and suggested producing our collaborative work in the form of a limited edition collectible figurine. It was decided to produce 50 of these exceptional pieces, making them a truly rare gem in the world of collectibles. The SEA HUNTER quickly found a home with enthusiastic collectors around the world. The quick sell-out only added to the rarity and importance of this piece. This collector's item holds a special place in my heart, not only as a testament to artistic collaboration, but also as a tribute to the enduring spirit of Ralph Ferres. It serves as a tangible reminder of the magic that happens when two creative minds come together to bring fantastic visions to life. When I look at the dragon, I remember the enduring friendship and creative legacy that Ralph left me. Rest in peace my friend!

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