SAD DRAGON was the second and final collaboration between myself and the late, esteemed Ralph Ferres - a collectible figure that is both a tribute to Disney's Pete's Dragon and a testament to our enduring friendship. Ralph gave me a sketch that reminded me of the ghost of Pete's dragon, Elliot. Following this inspiration, I illustrated the dragon sitting in front of a fire, giving the figure a sense of melancholy. After the success of our first collaboration, SEA HUNTER, Patch Together got involved again. This time they surprised us with the offer to produce several colorways of our SAD DRAGON. As a nod to Pete's dragon Elliot, we've designed a special edition that offers a unique visual twist. The dragon's head gradually disappears. To achieve this effect, we chose a clear resin cast that was artistically painted up to the neck. The result was a captivating and symbolic representation that added depth to the collectible. Unfortunately, this second collaboration was the last joint venture we were able to experience together. Tragically, Ralph Ferres passed away just one year later, leaving a huge void in both my artistic career and my personal life. This collectible figurine, with its bittersweet tribute to Pete's dragon and unique visual representation of fleeting moments, will forever be a poignant reminder of our creative synergy and the deep friendship we shared.

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